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Ok, so in this newest wave of arguing among ourselves about various game mechanics( + 💣), one phrase I've heard commonly in a negative connotation is "runners." Apparently, some people have strong feelings about running.

Let me get a few things straight:

-There is nothing wrong with attempting to disengage from combat in most scenarios. Since getting as many bones as possible is the entire point of the game (unless you're playing CTF or actually playing the objective on Forts), and since you lose all your bones when you die, it makes perfect sense to try to survive under all circumstances. If this means running from a fight that you know you're going to lose, so be it.

-People who accuse you of 'running' are lazy and bitter. They complain because they want your bones but don't feel like having to work for them.

-"honor" means nothing. Don't let someone talk you into fighting to the death if you want to keep your bones.  If you're losing a fight badly, why stay and pay the price?

To make it worse, the people who complain about runners are the same people who complain about being outnumbered. They rush into a group of enemies all alone and die, then complain that it isn't fair. Then, when they outnumber an opponent and the opponent is smart enough to get the hell out of dodge, they complain about people running away.

Conclusion: Don't be butthurt when people play smarter than you, and don't be ashamed to play smarter than the butthurts.


I remember being top 1 and fighting a 1v1 and winning... Until 5 players came and i OBVIOUSLY started to run, then the guy who i was 1v1ing told me that i was a coward, i inmediately replied to him saying *the real coward is the one who needs to 6v1 me to win*.

I always ask people for a 1v1. No one has ever agreed because they don't want to lose their precious levels.


If you meets me in game with high score go ahead and ask me go fight. You will have guarantee i will fight :)


A fight with Egz, I couldn't ask for more. Though I'd feel kind of bad fighting a friend with a high score, although.. there is almost no risk involved because killing you won't be easy (if at all possible), haha.

My profile picture says it all. Thanks!


I guess it's true to a great extent that we want to kill someone for their bones, and having such a nice bounty run away when you know you have the ability to kill them without much effort can be a little bit annoying. 

There are also players with 0 levels who run, there are cowards every where and they don't need much of a reason to run.

If there happens to be the case where I have a lot of levels and I don't want the person to get my bones then I commit suicide in the corner of the map. When you kill yourself, you end up dropping roughly 1/3 of the bones with respect to your level. Then you can just pick them up.

It has nothing to do with laziness, if someone offered you a large amount of bones in return for little work then it's like a dream come true and taunting your opponent by calling them a coward and telling them they have no honour is one way to make them do exactly what you want. Sadly, as I have witnessed it does not work 95% of the time.

Runners are annoying whether or not we accept that all we want to kill them for is for bones.


Last time i was accused of running, i said
"It's a legitimate strategy"

Ya see I have no problem with running or runners. But the only person who I HATE MORE THAN ANYONE is an unlogged dick who literally doesn't fight. He has full health, full armor, and 2 heals. He targets me, from the edge of my screen and uses the rope. GUESS WHAT COMES NEXT? Running on it's own when losing is fine, but running just to try and kill someone is so fucking stupid. Honestly fuck that guy.

Rezoner said no memes, and you are calling me blind....

He doesn't make anything to me, I'm posting memes rarely. And I said you are blind because you think your enemy is invisible. TUNE UP VOLUME!!!

"If only the map was a little smaalllleeeerrr..."

Runners are alright now, if only the runner wasn't a particularly skilled one. For me, all I do is wait for that person to come to me.

But it's better to at least stay close, this may be the chance to finish the player. When he's running, there's a huge chance of making stupid mistakes, try to push the running enemy into other players that might hurt him, or make nervous at least.