Nerf claws

Jason Wahl 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 15

In wilds my least favorite weapon is...THE CLAWS. I hate fighting a player using claws because of the unfair "tear" ability. Basically it is too fast and at a short distance players have no time to counter it. Also I've seen players use the tear ability, run away and wait for it to recharge, and then use it again, then run away, blah blah blah. So my suggestion is to either make it regenerate slower, or a charge stage before the special.

Reach and kill them


They have been nerfed already... and there is a saying called: "Git gud". Sorry man but I disagree. It's your problem for not learning how to kill someone.

Mate i fight claw users everyday, at all times (said the unactive one), and i ALWAYS win (except when i fight Mom´s spaghetti) so... its your problem, claws have already been nerfed ALOT, so... GIT GÜD!

claws has been nerfed so yaa

heck no claw are expensive and only expert player will play it good

this is why you lose always it because they are expert player

I don't think claws should be nerfed, because the special move is really the only useful attack they have.

Go to training camp on discord and we can learn you how deal with claw users :)

1. run

2. Run

3. Run!

4. RUN!!!

I gave up on claws...the nerf made them worse than the sword, so I might as well just use the sword.

Leave R.I.P. Legion's claws in the comments.

R.I.P. Legion's claws 2017-2017

R.I.P. Legion's claws 2017-2017 (Mom´s spaghetti sees this comment) (Mom´s spaghetti rekts me with claws)

This deserves hate, I mean they cost 3k, if anyone has problems the answer always is "get good". Noobs who cant play want the game to be easier pfft.

+1 to this topic. They DO umbalance football games, with all the ball kick effect + push forward + stun enemies + fast and hard to block.