New Weapon

Lava Hyperion 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 10

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Its a dagger with a bone tied to it and a small health thingy kek.

This is a joke.

its special gives you all their bones and fully heals you.

Wait for April Fools, I'm making big joke for it.

Kek that´s some good footage of my items and score xD


this item is too over powered. we need balance. If you are gonna make something THIS godly, at least give the power to the spear. it deserves it after all it's been through.


Rezoner: Ok then... I´ll show some love to the spear...

BILBOOO: (reads update notes) Made cliffs larger so the spear can´t jump through ANY cliffs*.

Removed spear´s charged attack and special*.

Reduced the spear´s damage to 0.1*.

Changed the spear´s attack speed to 10000000000% slower*.

Reduced the spear´s reach*.

BILBOOO: AWWWW so mcuh love!


Sarcastic smile.


Did anyone read "This is a joke" words?

I think most of people who was read description. Well there is not much words xd