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The angels halo would be a skin available at the shop. it would go well with the angels wings.

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The halo would cost 8000 coins to buy.

+, i like it

ye, but i haven't made any posts for 3 weeks. i'm doing catch up.

its a good idea, so why does it matter. I know rules are rules, but its not that big of a deal.

Actually its better than seeing a page filled with people shit posting and spamming useless crap

i would like to have the crown too

i agree. it should be available at the shop not from being king.

+1 ._. You could make a compilation of player aesthetics on a single post...

Tho, the upvotes lmao.

if there are horns to go with bat wings. then why not have this to go with the angel wings XD. it makes perfect sense.

OH LOL. i just realised the name of my first post XD.

VOTE THIS, i want to see how many votes this gets...

i mean rly. i certainly have improved a lot XD. oh, and that post ended up with -13 dislikes... man, every one has to start as a noob sometime XD. i really had no idea what i was doing.

whai r people down voting this?

I would like it better if the price was a little lower than that, maybe 7000.

keep in mind that there is a demand for more expensive helmets. the pro's will not use it with there angel wings if its not expensive.

cool new hat. +1

i just realized i'm like the 3rd oldest member that still remains on this user echo. almost everyone has changed since the old times before you could buy equipment. only werewolf and egz have been here longer. and i think i have been playing longer than werewolf, just not on the user echo.