Way to Implement New Gamemodes

THE_LORD_OF_FERRETS 6 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 4

Hello again, I know it's been a while,

And a lot of people have left the forum, and have stopped playing, and a lot of younger players have started joining, so I thought that this is probably the right time for this idea.

I have made posts about this in the past, but it's been a while, and besides, none of those got support.

My idea is this: Have a queue system for new gamemodes.

Just a little bit of background for the newbies and the people with short term memory: Rezoner has implemented many interesting and unique gamemodes in the past, but they have all died within a couple of days. A couple examples of these are Hell mode, and Graveyard.

Also, by a QUEUE system I mean a system in which players click the button to enter the game, but are then redirected to a different game to wait until enough players have entered the first game to actually play it. A couple examples of gamemodes with a queue in wilds.io are Arena, Browars, and that old 3v3 gamemode.

This is why graveyard flopped: after a couple days, interest in the gamemode dropped off a little, and you got a longer and longer wait before ten people joined. No one wanted to sit out this long wait in the empty graveyard where they couldn't do anything, so they just went back to fort, where there isn't a wait. And in Hell Mode, no one would join, so they would be fighting bots, and only a few. So they went to fort where they could fight actual people.

Benefits of Making All Modes Except Fort/The normal unranked free-for-all have a Queue:

                -  Players will be able to wait in the normal fort(Which is by the way the most popular mode                     right now ;) where they can fight and kill and all that other fun stuff, instead of waiting

                   in the empty room for a bunch of other people who might never show up, because those

                   other players don't want to wait in an empty room. 

               -  Eliminates/reduces bots in those games, because the game is only played if it has                                enough people.

               - Gamemodes not dying = more played = more successful = potential for more

Thanks... Some of those benefits are kind of shaky... hopefully this is possible. My suggestion is to just try it. Rezoner you once mentioned a shrinking fighting map... or maybe try this with hell mode if you can easily put that one up.

This is my idea of something I think will help. I might be completely wrong.


Ferret Lord

nice. also consider a shifting game mode on top if this.

pubg mode its all we need to test this well last man standing

Lol Pubg. Those kinds of gamemodes are wildly popular right now so that would be goo

Besides a battle royale mode, what other game mode ideas that could potentially be "stable" in this game...

The other game modes died off due to the lack of interest.