helmets, just some ideas

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Hello people more helments ideas, this are just what type of would be cool to have

Image 2990

minotaur ones, it would be really cool but i cannot make some cool one, i would put some marachas on their hands but too late fo that

Image 2991

egz suggested a helment with wings, thats a cool idea too

Image 2992

i tried to find a samurai helment too but that was hard to make, i should have done this on blender but i thought it would be easy, haha the other one its supose to have horns like the bull one but it looked better like knight hat with horns and no red thingy

Image 2993

i really like how this turned up, it reminds me of the fedora

next up are weapons! but not today cause of the rule but it will be soon

is the last one inspired by my topic?

Idk... Remember, we’re Barbarians, and I don’t really like too much style. Barbariaans are more like 



While occasionally saying the words “noob” and “lag”

Just making more of the ones i forgot

Look,not all barbarians are reckless or wasteful,but I still get what you meant.Barbarians can have other styles depending on where they come from though.Their origins are not from one specific place and so.

Wands that shoot magic does not exist during the time of barbarians, therefore, your argument of it not complementing the barbarian feel is invalid. Barbarians also did not have Greek Helmets, Elf hats, Angel wings, Demon wings, Demon horns, claws, Crusader Helmet or even voice packs.

Wtf vp have to do with looks xD

Looking cool and unique its what i want or ninja like

Well wizards and warlocks weren't the thing back there,but some tribal guru's were.

you know that how?

There was at least one of them in tribe and so.