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players could change there beards an hairdos. there are 3 separate hairdos for boys and girls. girls could not use beards where as boys could.


Image 2981

Image 2982

Image 2983


Image 2972

Image 2975

Image 2976


Image 2980

Image 2984

Image 2985

all hairdos and beards would be free

wait a week mate

One post pwer week

i'm doing catch up...

I wont wait a week to see rly good ideas from this cool guy

lel. you used 2 kill me a lot in game m8. i'm SOURON.

Its a part of the game, dude :^)

yep. besides i got u a few times.

the hair on the man looks fking scary xD but on the girls the pony tail one looks really good, custom hair/color should be a good thing in the game

Dude, your ideas rly cool, and dis pics... GOSH! +1

thx, i have some more concepts coming up soon. yunno the fire staff? and then there was an old post i made for a book shield which i might redo with better art. i'm also considering a crossbow and a flail concept. stay tuned XD.

I would like to see "pony tail" for males too. I like dis haircut, looks like a samurai. 

It will be extra cool with beard.

Where is undercut or wolftail for male?It'd be cool to add those aswell,or even mohawks.


+1...Wasn't Rez supposed to implement this?


i will bump this topic untill it's added

then you must have a bad memory. either that or you changed your mind.

 i actually do have a bad memory


Good idea +1

Awesome, its like my old idea but with arts XD.

aw ye. i remember that.

nice 2 see someone does XD. nice 2 know yer memorable.