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Just some new skins you could buy at the shop.

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shield would cost 5000, and the helmet 2000

art made by me, but its was pixel art. so it blurred when i increased its size. but never mind, its not that bad.

ill make some more just so we can have more ideas and that helment its already on the game

? it isn't in game m8. the one in game is Greek. this one has the red stuff on top facing side ways. it also has that rim sticking out the back. did you forget the part between the eyes? oh and don't forget the Greek helmet doesn't have a rim but this does. i understand your confusion. but have a closer look before being critical. the roman's originated from Greece originally, so there are similarities. this probably caused your confusion.

r u staying up too late typing? yer from Australia right? nine hours ago... dude go 2 bed earlier or you'll make mistakes.

lel, but your not my mum bro

i could be... you never know.

my mum couldn't beat me in the arena m8. plus she hates playing computer games. your dreaming.

fine. i admit, i'm your brother.

... i don't have a brother XD.

Hmmmf, i give up.

let me tell you then, putting the red thing on top sideways and take out the thing in the middle, dont you think its too similar to the other? i am not against it but if you are gonna give ideas it would be best not to be too similar to the stuff already on, the shield tho i wanted to make ones but egz didnt let me cause he told me rez was working on wanderers

its not just that brai. it may look similar to you now, but if you compare the two they are super different. let me make a list of differences:

1. Greek helmet has a considerably smaller space beneath the eyes

2. Greek helmet has longer pointier sides down the front

3. Greek helmet has a thin lighter line around its eyes and down the front of the face

4. Roman helmet has a larger rim sticking out the back

5. Roman helmets brush faces sideways

6. Roman helmets brush does not get larger at one end

5. Roman helmet has a large rim across its whole forehead and further back

6. Greek helmet has a line in between the eyes

7. Greek helmet has a larger back to make up for a smaller rim

8. i was thinking the roman helmet would be like the knight helmet and only come it one color. the color shown above. same applies with the shield.

i am not saying that irl is that way, but in game you wont notice it specially if you play with zoom out -.-

ye k. that's just archers generally. it would probably b fine. i get what yer saying tho. i dont think there is much more u could do about it. plus other things are not much better. u can hardly see the elf ears zoomed out for example.

These items are great!

+1...Wasn't this suggested before?

maybe, but not with art.

Loven it, good job bro

nice. u should make a one 4 a ninja mask XD.

Aaah! Damn it i forgot about that!

i find it kinda funny (but more annoying and stupid) how all of the crap posts are the ones which get the attention. as in some random bad post has -17 votes, where as this super extra good post has just + 8. people spend tons of time jabbering on about how much they hate the bad posts which bumps them to the top so more people notice them. then more people jabber on and it loops. but with these good posts... they say one thing like "nice..." and then go bump some random rubbish posts. this means that often coming onto the forum there are lots of hated posts everywhere, but all the good ones are forgotten. even the really cool ones like this will one day gather dust, unless rezoner adds them which is considerably less likely because they spend less time at the top of the list. has rezoner answered this? no. has rezoner answered the recent super crappy post? yes. the way the whole thing works is totally un efficient.

i couldnt agree more. my new shield THE BOOK post took so many bumps before it got over 30 votes. meanwhile the recent HATED POST was filling up with drama...