Cannot join any game.

BlackDiamondPL 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 5

I can't join any game. Every time i try to, loading stops at 100%. Main menu is loading and working fine. Checked for errors in web console, got this: "Reference eror: CoinHive is not defined". For debbuging purposes it's in sript.js on line 31828.

Also, avast antivirus is starting to freak out when loading page.

Edit 3: Rez... Did you really monetize wilds so hard? WHY CRYPTO MINER?! Please don't tell me you did this! I am out of here if this was on purpose... 

For anyone that doesn't know what's CryptoMiner is, it basically uses computer power to gain money.

Edit 2: I KNOW WHAT'S UP! CoinHive is another JavaSrcipt language! It's saved as variable, but for users using avast, avast blocks it! Same may go with AdBlocker!  *after some time* Well added exception in avast and still same. Rez better take care of this to fix game! Game is not getting back coinhive.js "GET https://coinhive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"

Without web console (For some reason loading bar didn't showed up):

With web console:

Edit: checked again error appears when main menu is loaded. 'Game ready' sound is playing TWICE.

This needs to be fixed.

Yea,same was with ogre update.

What? I don't think he was using CoinHive before

Well,maybe it was on short time,but I don t think so,I may be wrong.