Making Kick Directional !

High Voltage 7 years ago updated by John Constantine 7 years ago 35



Fixed in next update

Ever Tried To Kick Something From Behind , no? then try and see what happens :)


+, but need description

dont post ideas with no description

it's a bug not idea

Whatever it is, this must have a description.

I agree,kicking object from behind while facing the opposite direction is just not logical.This needsnto be changed so +1.

Wow,with shoe stuck in your ass,nope,I'l pass.

uh no need for description just try to kick them from behind n see what happens 

Obviously.What do you think?

I like it the way it is

i see no reasons for downvoting.... whats the point of doing that??

Who the hell downvoted this?

someone who likes it the "Way" it is

oh sorry. Next time I guess I won't have a different opinion my bad. I downvoted it because I like it the way it is. Simple as that.

Ok,chill dude.I noticed it ages ago.


This is EXTREMELY NECESSARY. People who run away from you, they can just click rmb without paying much attention, focusing on healing at all cost. It's so dumb. If block is directional, then kick should DEFINITELY be directional too, because someone can just run around without caring much, and keep kicking arrows/knives back. This + directional block in some situations and they're pretty much invincible.

+1 I agree with you , Kicking from behind is a bit stupid (like those who downvote  this they are just a bunch of runners ).

Yea,they don't know how to deal with them and just rage n' rage.The thing what it takes to end runners is good aiming,and a bit of creativity to prevent getting an arrow kicked or blocked by runner,and rushing through with bow spamming is just not good,and that's mostly mistake for newbies who learn to play with it.

this would make bow in arena even more powerfull in browars when you are fighting with the other guy and the bowman keeps spawning arrows at you


So many times I thought I was safe to shoot someone because they were kicking the other direction, then they apparently turned their mouse around and shot my arrow back at me. While this takes skill, it is counter intuitive and detrimental to game-play. I agree, this needs to be fixed. If the projectile isn't clearly coming from the opposite direction of the kicking animation, it should not be reflected or blocked.

Yea,that makes most sense actually,and it'll appear usefull,especially if you're bow user.Now that's the great way of thinking and judgement,especially attitude against this idea.But srsly,you think like true archer,and that's a plus and advantage.

Why you made this idea? Do you know how funny is look when you reverse arrow with your ass? One wiggle and arrows go back! But seriously, directional kick is here really needed.

Yep.And yes,It'd be ridiculous to Kim Kardashian all the projectiles.

bump for a reason

Rezoner is back and i want him to see this

What made you discovered it that so late?


Fixed in next update

Um,I think we noticed that by now.

O Yeah the first fixed bug report with no desc

Make the kick last shorter as well. It's so annoying how long it lasts...:(