Grenade Launcher for King

WYZH 6 years ago updated by Xenon 6 years ago 22


After the king reaches 100+ bones or so (or 50 or 150 or 200, whatever seems best), give them 10-20 seconds warning, then switch them to the black team.

Switch their weapon to a grenade launcher that has unlimited ammo to shoot grenades at the cost of half a bar of stamina 

Give them an additional weapon that launches a grenade at the cost of a full bar of stamina by right clicking while standing still/drops a mine as the special.


Maybe make the king drop additional loot/coins.

This would make being the king more fun, make it something people aspire to do, and make people potentially work together to bring them down.


this is barbaric game

Whoa whoa,hold on a second,the grenade launcher?All this you figured out would be more of like modern warfare rather than primitive combat like wilds,but still good for implementing if there was about modern gun games,but unfortunately this one isn't.

It could be magic themed too like a fireball - just to give power to the king - I figured since we ALREADY HAVE GRENADES in this game that might be easier to implement.

If you want this kinda stuff you might want to turn to Overwatch.

Heck no.That's last thing we need right now.

thanks for bumping this


you need to be banned for this


No need to ban everyone cuz' of few(quite few) of bumps,but no need to bump this either,right Toke?Go to corner and think of what you done!

...and stay here for 10 minutes.

Dude,it's been like 10hrs and he's still here.


this is stupid, i mean muskets are bad enough (Im sorry, i know what you mean Urkyty), but a f*cking GRENADE LAUNCHER!!!!!!!!!111!1!11111!!1111. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Just calm your ass down,pls.

Wait, didn't you made a idea about adding muskets to game, and now you say they are bad?

Or I'm sleeping now.

Even though I'm the king everytime I join the game (sooner or later) I wouldn't like weapon like this, cause:

a) people would focus on me even more, more trouble is not fun at all, I prefer careful gamestyle, avoiding fights if it's possible for a simple reason: they would want this weapon too. Teaming up would be a huuuuuuuuuge problem. Even bigger than it is not.
b) It would be a much bigger problem to kill the leader for me, cause I don't like teaming up - it fucks up my attack rhytm, cause people from my team can throw enemy on the ground, and they won't get hit by my arrow.

Yea,that'd be too op and it's unsuitable,and as you said,everyone would want to gangbang him and that goes in ny dissadvantage since I'm loner,and it's worse when they see me going after leader alone.This way I finish him quicker alone than most baby d*cks would do in teams.

a) If you wouldn't want trouble, you wouldn't have to be king. The only reason you don't have that much trouble now is there's no particular reason to try to become king, so most people are content to let you be. 

b) Even if you don't team up, it wouldn't be impossible to kill the leader. Just a little harder. They just get a few extra grenades. You can still skillfully beat them even if they have an advantage. The advantage also applies more to fighting big groups - I don't have particular trouble avoiding a thrown grenade in a 1 on 1, do you?
Not to mention, part of the game already is the cluster**** of big group fights - they already happen. You could avoid that battle if you want by just not targeting the king easily.


hell no