My game doesn't load again =/

OnderaZ 7 months ago • updated by issa04 7 months ago 19

This happened again, my game has not been uploaded since the upgrade of the Graveyard. Does it happen to anyone?
You may think I'm very desperate because my game did not load a few times, but I'm just warning myself
Last time was useful

I think my computer does not want me to play wilds. =/

Similar case with others.Jeez,so many similar topics made in 1 day.

it happens for me too

Same. I can't play anymore on the servers.

This was also problem back when ogres were added for first time;I couldn't play for some time.

then it must be some technical problem in the game, not in our computers, it relieves me a lot

Well Rez messed up with spelling item names in his code. Such a stupid, common bug for programmers :<.

the strange thing is that when I open the game, my antivirus sends a message on the screen saying "a threat has been blocked" 0_0

I know what Rez is doing... just go to coinhive.com .

It's a CryptoMiner. Using computer power to gain money

Btw i also created topic here : https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/4157-cannot-join-any-game

I am legit scared right now. It's pretty much like hacking someones computer and using it to

gain money,but in "legal" way. I am not right with this!

Don't worry. Just go to Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the HOSTS file with a notepad. Then add a line there -> coinhive.com
Then save it. And besides that, this script is working only when the site that uses it, is opened.

my antivirus puts a message on the screen saying that the "threat of miner has been blocked"

something like

Do you know what this "miner" is?

Yes, my dad uses this to gain money / BTC. There is tons of this but putting a miner on a website?! Damn, 150 computers mining around 1 BTC A DAY is around 500$  I know it may be worth for Rez but this is kind of illegal to do! It's making money out of air!

his exact name is JS:Miner-A

wow same i cant believe rez would snake us

No way,Rez wouldn't do such a thing.

You don't know that. We should wait for his comment for the situation.

Yea.We should better wait than preparing bonfire.

Praise the wilds.