Shops in Ruins? Another way to make Coins?

M3rchant/DragonThrasher 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 15

Hey guys what do you think of this idea? Shops in the ruins. You could sell items for coins (Or buy some), of course it would not be alot of coins, but you could own a shop and when people buy from you you also get Coins, and people could sell you some items for your stock. (This idea came from making shops in the Old Wilds.io)

Hope Rez Will notice me :D


Shops is part of old wilds, so it's good add something like this. Old players still remeber <3


I re-meme-ber. Biggest problem is item despawn.


I'm the original Shopkeeper and I approve of this idea.

Under review

How long does it currently take you to collect 200 gold?

40 mins or so


Not always. This depends on the server and the people with whom currently play, and also number of people struggling in the treasure room. Sometimes i have all coins in 20-30 min and sometimes in more than 1 hour.


Good old days of health potions in a corner


There will be shops in the next update.
You can't own a shop but you can sell items, or exchange some.

Yay! Only Three days! Im very Surprised Rez said yes so fast! Also, it only took 12 Upvotes?!? SO COOL! :D