Why add clan tags in the first place?

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We all know Saii is pushing for clan tags, but the whole point of an in game clan system is intra-clan interaction. I've asked around all the servers and I have sufficient background on the game's political state, but by far the most powerful clan in Wilds is the Vigilantes. With over 60 members, they basically have the monopoly on good players. There isn't really anybody else for the Vigilantes to negotiate with, ally with, and fight with, so all they do is sit and recruit, snatching up all the decent fighters in the playerbase.

Sure, there have been some rumors about a superelite King's Guard, but they are extremely secretive and only recruit the bast fighters, and so their numbers pale in comparison to the Vigilantes. The Wallshifters have long since disbanded, I haven't heard of any wallshifter action since the ooooold ruins, the first ruins. And there was some sort of anti-Vigilante rebellion led by Skullz and achillesRising that was quickly crushed a few months ago. That leaves basically nobody to compete with this superpower.

Don't assume that i'm taking an anti-Vigilante stance here. What the vigilantes lack now is purpose: as a clan, they don't do anything publicly but recruit new members, which in turn recruit more members. In order to give the Vigilantes, and in extent the entire Wilds political system, a meaning, there needs to be contrast, competition. But this is going to be hard to pull off, just because everyone interested in joining a clan has already joined the Vigilantes.

If any of you know of an organized clan independent from the Vigilantes, please state so below.

This post's objective is to raise awareness to the fact that in order for Wilds to claim a genuine political system, someone needs to start something other than the Vigilantes. Any political body has no objective and no purpose without other political bodies to interact with.

You underestimate us, deeply. Our goal is to have a positive role in the Wilds.io community and game. Do you realize that new guilds can be created with the addition of tags? "We lack purpose." Do you realize how many forum posters we have in our guild? Our guild has helped add new features, patch bugs/glitches, balancing aspects of the game, etc. Our guild is not like the King's Guard, we do not idolize our founders/leaders and follow them around as minions - we want people that want to make a difference in the game, not consume it in failure.


"do you realize how many forum posters we have in our guild?"

With all due respect, I am entirely aware of how many forum posters are members of the Vigilantes, however, their posting on the forums, while it does add to the community substantially, is largely independent from the Vigilantes themselves. In other words, they would've posted on the forums regardless of being a Vigilante or not. They don't represent the Vigilantes, you do, and the VIgilante agenda most likely does not stimulate these posters into benefiting the community more than they would otherwise.

Yes, I do realize that new guilds can be created with clan tags, but who will join? If one is looking to join an organization in Wilds, one joins the Vigilantes. You are by far the most powerful organization in the game, and I don't forsee that changing in the future.

However, though as a whole the Vigilantes are the most influential entity of the Wilds political environment, the enormity of your ranks furthermore dilutes the power of the individual member to the point where a great many of them must not contribute to the clan's agenda (whatever that may be) at all, and therefore may as well not be a member.

'we recruit only elite members'

I intend in no way to start a feud between the Vigilantes and me, because frankly that would be suicidal, but I have seen how liberally you, Saii, have recruited. I would define the Elite of wilds to be the top twenty, maybe the top thirty combatants. I would not define your guild as only containing elite members, not at all, especially since I have bested many of them, repeatedly, both on the battlefield and on the forums, and I do not consider myself an elite player in the slightest.

Finally, the very definition of your clan is blurry. What exactly are you? from your bot speech, it appears that you are not a clan or guild at all, but simply a mass of individuals who hope to change wilds for the better. While this is honorable, it does not define the Vigilantes as a political entity of the Wilds environment, due to your embracing of the metamedium concept.

And yet, many of your members, including you and the other leaders, regularly refer to the Vigilantes as a political power, and treat it as such, solely within the game.

When you try to be both, it gets messy. So, what are the vigilantes? Are they just a bunch of players who want to make the game better? If that is the case, then why is this organization necessary, as I cannot see how such a union increases the capacity of the individual to better the community. Or are they a political force with its own agenda that seeks to increase it's power in order to expand their influence on the in game environment to bring about what they see is best? In which case, you do need others in order to exist and thrive with a purpose. A political power with nobody to ally with, negotiate with, and fight with has no purpose at all. Like an army in an era of peace, the Vigilantes are idling, their ingame agenda is unannounced and unsupported by it's members, and people like me are starting to wonder what you're for and why you need to blot out the sun.


U up for for a 1v1 then?


Without guild system implemented into the game, all these guilds and clans are only virtual.

When Rez will finally introduce it, all of them will most likely disperse.

At this point, even if some crypto-guilds exist, they have almost no influence (except giving some +/- on posts) on the game. So, who cares about them? Just let them be, maybe such things make the game more enjoyable for some people.

Thank you, we want no enemies - we just wish to help the community and game with what little power we have, if any.


The guild system will be a nice addition, be it satisfying the wants of the vigilantes, or allowing for other players to create guilds. It can only bring good, I see no harm in adding this.

@The E%patriate

Join me and together we can overthrow the Vigilante and rule the galaxy as father and son!!

By the way that was a joke.

The vigilantes is really more of a group to bring people together, and I think it keeps a lot of the members more active in the game, since they feel more connected to other players. We also help instruct newer players on how to fight better.

Running a successful clan/guide takes a lot of dedication, and if the leader isn't active it will fall apart. I think what has helped the Vigilantes survive has been the large number of members and the really good moderators that Saii chose to help run it.


Damn it, I meant: Yes, yes. UNLIMITED POWER!!!



All of this seems like a Chinese Prophecy that comes at the beginning of Kung-Fu-Panda. There is no harm in implementing a guild system. It's simply a little letter that comes at the front of your name to differentiate, verify, and to make you you feel cool.


So what if the Vigilantes prosper? They are good people, and it brings the Wilds community together, where everyone can co-exist and crap. Just because the Vigilantes exist doesn't mean that more guilds can be made, where friends can play together. People will be so much happier, I don't understand why you would think this.


This is ridicuolously funny ;D