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Mountains, first look

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 30

Yup, I have just finished implementing first iteration of mountains.

Took me a little longer than I expected but it required heavy rewrite of map engine and editor.

On the video below you can see some basic mountain mechanics:

1) You can only jump down

2) If you do something stupid near the edge, or someone hits you - you fall down

3) You can shoot down from the mountain while projectile being shoot from the ground are blocked


Very nice, so far! also FIRST COMMENT


I'm sorry. But really it looks great. A+ on the terrain work to both TYTA and you, Rezoner!

Nice :D

Maybe accidental fall should include some form of punishment - like loosing a weapon :)

Looks awesome. Mechanics too. :3

WOW it amazing rez

I can easily create similar 3D tileset with stone-brick walls from ruins (to give them second floor).

They can be useful in kind of castle-defense mode :)

However, I probably won't have too much spare time now, so maybe I will do this in next three weeks or later.

Under review

I would really love to get rid of original walls first as they don't really suit the character design. Stones and characters are flat shaded without noise in texture while walls are super messy because I bought them on bargain for 5$ :) https://kenney.itch.io/kenney-isometric-assets

Should be easy to redesign them as well :)

You have to check if the license allows that.

Also, if Egzekutor is working on forest/grassland tileset, I will suggest to modify mountain tiles to give them some different look (red limestone maybe?).

At that moment I decided to postpone work on forest and focused on the design of larger amounts of things associated with the desert.

It will be more useful in the near future.

This does not mean that I abandoned this idea, I just put it for later :]

Part of the results of my work already released here:


Odbierz pan maila :)

I will use this palette to create new objects to fit the rest. I mean mainly the stones and the like.


I also paint something in the meantime ;3


Looks pretty, I can add it if you want :)


No problem. Here is original sprite:

wow beatiful :)

when will it be ready ⏳

wow, is amaziing :O

I would like to learn to do all this myself u.u

Update coming soon?

Damn That looks nice :D

MMMMH... I see a problem:
I think projectiles should be able to deal damage when under the cliff, at least if the enemy is facing the border, otherwise who's on top has way tooooooooo much advantage.
It risks to become a camping station.

These hills were supposed to be camping points :)

If they have to be, then other issues in the gameplay should be solved first.
I already see the scene: two people up the stairs spamming the hell out of the game to prevent anyone from going up, and a magician/archer on top that kills just about anyone on sight.

That's the point! One will have to gather a larger team and rush these archers/mages.

More cooperation in the game is always good :)

at least than the game would be a strategy game XD ...but a group would kill the two guards and kill the atcher and magicians and ....done

I can't contain my giddiness! A couple questions: will this be an entirely new game mode? Will this combine with the Ruins, or for some nostalgic geezers, will this be used a desert map?

I guess you already found out :D