New Weapon: Mace

Lord Karma 7 years ago updated by WilderLord 7 years ago 17

As a long time player of Wilds.io, i feel that a Mace could be a cool addition to Wilds. With the ability to spin the mace around you, causing bystanders in a certain radius to be thrown backwards and take damage, the mace would be a great weapon to have on the battlefield. Image 602Image 603

Image 604


Rather like the sword, also pushing people back in a large radius could make striking the user a lot more difficult. I feel it should have low damage. (My longtime wish is a sniper weapon, maybe a longbow or musket that could pan the screen, but be vulnerable to melee sneaking up on it). +1

yeah but also the ability would have a relatively long recharge

Sounds like it would be a lot of fun

You should only be able to deal damage when the mace in charged and it deals 3 damage but it takes a long time to charge and special ability should be crush and it deals 2 damage on knocked down enemies


Well because Rez added in last days two new weapons i want bump this post, because i think this is good idea for new weapon. One thing, we must found good attacks for charge and special.

Special could be a combination with the hook. You do 2 damage by dragging them in and then you can throw them away 1 damage


In my mind this weapon should be slow and deal great dmg.

Charge attack could deal 2 dmg and as one unique weapon stun enemy on the ground. Charged time should be longer for this weapon. Also normal attack can deal similar dmg to hammer or going forward, 2,5-3 dmg but with very slow attack speed. Slow enough for deal only one hit when countering.

Special attack can be different for each weapon design, i mean weapon with chain or without.

With chain: You throw steel ball forward and chain make himself longer. This hurt everyone on stright and deal 2 dmg ( can also stun on the ground if enemy get hit when ball go back to you) Counter is block.

Without chain: something similar to Hammer skill but you not jump.

You could make powerfull slam on the ground and dmg everyone around with medium radius ( like bomb radius or bigger). This deal 1-1.5 dmg and work like axe special. For counter you must jump or fast run from attack area.

Tell peeps what you think?

special should be attacking knokdown enemies!!!!!

if enemy isnt knok down dealing 1 dmg and knoking down if he is knokdown dealing 3 dmg

But... that's a flail, not a mace (3rd pic)


Well this weapon can looks like a mace or flail :]

Flail is a metal ball with chain, while mace is a metal stick used for crushing. They are two different things.


This is general idea for weapon and because both weapons is similar in few aspects, Rez can choose which one is better. Both weapons is too similar for add to the game so we should choose one model. (Of course if Rezoner have in plans add weapon like mace or flail).

they should both be different weapons. flail could have spikes but mace could be like the first picture. mace would have large arc for all attacks while flail could be focused on one small area.

U changed the name to mace instead of flail?