Brewing Potions/ Potion ideas

Poke Hano 2 years ago • updated by Vigilante Gaming 2 years ago 16

Brewing Potions

Hello my idea for this week rezoner is being able to brew potions.

The reason why I feel this idea should be implemented is because as the Shaman I believe will be implemented soon. I feel that its a good perk to using a shaman where you can brew potions. The way that I believe it could work (this is how I would like it but its more work). So if you kill yetis goblins etc You can acquire pelts etc. Using these pelts with water (You possibly may add?) You can brew the potions. A much simpler way is to take bones and brew potions. Thats how I predict it may work out in the game.


Fire potion

As possibly you may add water it (unless its just ti make the game look good) water possibly has to have a use and this is where the fire potion comes in. You can brew this poyion via using a mine a pelt and water/oil (im gonna be honest im not really sure).

Poison Potion

This could possibly be the charged attack(I prefer cast) of the shaman you can posion potions. It would appear normal to other players but it once drunken it deals damage. I personally dont feel that this would OP the shaman. But it would give him a good resource.

Final thoughts

If you agreed with my idea please vote it up. If you disagree state why and I will respond and counter those points in a reasonable way. Thank you for reading have a good day :).


Nice sprites bro. Especially this green :)




If you're not here to give constructive feedback, don't comment. "SHUT THE FUCK UP" unless meant in a joking sense, is a pretty stupid thing to say. Even most young kids tend to say smarter things than that.

Egzekutor's comment although not incredibly informative, was expressing positive feedback about the color of the potions. Which I completely agree with him, the color or the potions is pretty sick!!

Even if it was said jokingly, it is not the place for those types of 'jokes.'

This needs to be burnt,in a blast furnace,with magnesium,in the sun

I dont hate the idea but i dont like it cuz this game isnt about brewing,its a hack 'n' slash game.

It's a tad too similar to Minecraft for me. Not that Minecraft is bad, I used to play it a lot, but it's a different game.

How exactly?

Aswell its a different system i not telling you to go and get whatever that thing is called nad put the items there.

I never siad it would work like that nor did I imply anything about a machine

Siad Facepalm



It's a good idea but probably not check in game type hack'n'slash. Here you do not have much time to exchange items in store let alone to collect ingredients for potions. I think that skills should be based on weapons as the rest. but it's good you're trying to invent something, it shows that you care about the development of the game :)

As Egz said, this is rather a whole new feature, diverting from the main game. Bonus idea: I think a poison potion could come out of crates and poison you if you don't look and see what is coming out of the bow, which could stop people from just demolishing large amounts of boxes. +1