Your comments

yes werewolves it would be awsome.

this would be a great edition to the game.

told you so. i like the game but the fox mask looks dumb.

your loosing tons of players alright. if your looking at this rezoner please take it into account.

the healing gem. it would be like the shaman

have you played animal jam? my little sister plays it. that fox mask looks just the same as one in animal jam. in other words just as stupid. a wolf mask would be great.

sword should be totally normal except for the full spin. but the spin should be faster and knock enemy's over and back.

the starting screen really is messy

the special sword attack would probably Have a long re lode. no reneging Health. How about 15 seconds for the Horse to reappear. how about reneging armor every 3 seconds. i checked it on a timer. it seemed reasonable.