new weapons

werewolf 7 years ago updated by Brigadier General Skeero 7 years ago 7

spear: longer reach

knife: less damage faster attack

wand: fire, earth, plant, lightning, and ice spells.

magic staff: fire ring, earth tremor, plant grapple, lightning storm, and snow storm

assassins knifes: faster attack faster movement

crossbow: ranged, faster attack less damage

sickle: summon wolves, plant spells

dark blade: comes with black cloak, poison, more damage

giant sickle: summon 10 skeletons at a time

fire sword: catches targets on fire

eagle: dives at enemy's

ice blade: slows target, ice ray with cool down

Thor's hammer: knock back, extra damage, shock wave with cooldown, ranged lightning

spirit staff: low damage, summon spirits

healing gem: low damage ranged attack. healing radius including self

viper staff: poison attack, turn into snake, summon guardian snake

whip: increased range, stun

lightning bolt: thrown, fast cool down, stun, knock back, more damage

growth bow: ranged, entangle target, normal damage

shrunken: ranged, tiny damage, super fast cool down and speed

boomerang: huge ark at closest enemy, knock over and return

light Sabre: more damage faster attack, stun then knock over no shield, block

shadow knife: telly port behind closest enemy on attack

scimitars: whirlwind attack with cool down. faster attack and movement speed

roman shield: hold block

ice shield: freeze enemy after block for twice as long

fire shield: catch enemy on fire on successful block, and knock back and over

magi shield: surround player, hold block, knock back and small damage to enemies

lightning shield: knocks back enemies very very far and deals damage

bull shield: on block also charge and knock over enemies in path

hope you like these ideas. if so please give a thumbs up.

vote in the comments for he best one so that rezoner can see it and add it

Thor's hammer. its legendairy and O.P but it would cost tons.

but the whip would suit the cowboy hat.

the healing gem. it would be like the shaman

assassins knifes are the coolest by far.

read the forums, it's not that easy to implement this with the current game engine.

No HAlf of these r so very stupid like lightning shield, eagle the sickles thors hammer and many ,more but others r great