Add a Goat.

Sir Brutal 7 years ago updated by RHAMOS16 7 years ago 14

Add a Goat. Either rid-able or just as another beast. For a Beast: have it as a charging animal that does strong bashing/knock-back attack, but is a lot faster than a Bear. Basically the strength and similar attack of a Bear, with the speed and agility of a Goblin.

Here is an image I got off of Google Images:

Another possible animal is a Warg. It wouldn't be as strong as the Goat, but there would be more of them, and possibly even ridden by Goblins.

From Lord of the Rings:

The only problem I see with adding these animals is that they would get stuck in the walls in Ruins (unless they can make them smarter), so they might be more suited for the Desert map.

Horses could also be added like the other thread Yanihero1 said in the other thread.


awsome ideas


this would be a great edition to the game.


the horse would be the best idea but it should cost more than 5000 because it would be OP

actually it wont be OP if everyone had one so make them cheap because if someone had enough gold to get it for 5000 gold those players would be ruling the server and noone would be able to kill them

actually the goat does seem to fit into this game but maybe we should add the horse and the goat

Add the goat as extra to Ruins or aka free roam. Anyways its really hard to do this as rezoner said before that he uses a engine that reuqires the spirtes etc.


The games popularity should be increased before these ideas are implanted. Fixing bugs and small ideas is much more of a priority, than adding large projects like this.

but he cant cuz hard

brutal awesome idea like this



this is a