Your comments

Axe and hammer are fine. But your right about the bow.

Perhaps add cross bow with longer re-lode but more damage and speed.

Then make normal bow relode faster.

Inmortality from pony tail was just a joke right.

i just got confused since this post was on skins not equipment. but you were just adding ideas. sorry for your time.

also i think equipment is a great idea :)

perhaps players would have to have a certain amount of bones to buy differnt equipment?

there are already skins which don't add bonuses. are you saying you get plus 2 damage becuase you have a pony tail. sorry just sounds strange to me.

be more specific. every one wants more items and costomization.

first those are terrible ideas for names and second is just fine. last and most ipmortant most users would not be able to find the game again!

Yes. Orange to dark brown, black to yellow, and yellow to white.

cool idea

rain should be added and lightning.

clone: mighty scroll

the player duplicates. maximum 2 clones. cool down 4 minutes. costs 6500 coins.

chain lightning: mighty scroll

shoots a stream of lightning around 3 times faster than an arrow which is block able. when the lightning hits one thing it turns into 2 slightly smaller ones which deflect towards the closest enemy target deal half damage. the process continues until the chains of lightning have all deflected 5 times. the damage starts at 1.5 rings of damage. the scroll cools down after 1 minute and 35 seconds. it costs 8500 coins.