sword got ridiculously nerfed

Tytanowy Janusz 8 years ago updated by Jelle Brouwer 7 years ago 5

% Sword:

* deals 2 damage in circle

* push enemies further instead of falling down

This second change maked it so uneffective, that I'm almost unable to kill anyone with it in arena.

Simple axe works much better (even bow is better!). When enemy is pushed that far away without knocking down, it gives him has a chance to run, or perform a fast counter, which in most cases the sword-wielding player is unable to block (because he is still spinning around, dealing no additional damage). Also, this spin-skill is far easier to block than hammer-smash (which is really quick and easy to hide) or shockwave (which is unblockable, deals 1 dmg anyway). So, in current state sword-spin is almost useless in arena.


Although i dont personally own it he does seem right, you (REZONER) could possibly revert or add a fall with pushback where the attack does no damage but the fall can lead to a wombo combo


Sword is actually still OP i think.I own only Axe but when i am against a guy with sword in Arena and in the second round i got his sword i always win . I think that sword isnt broken its its fine like it is now :) Sword Spin isnt useless, it deals 2 dmg which is really great and after pushing enemy away you can easily dash to them and keep on fighting.If enemy will block your special attack it wont push him and you can instantly perform another attack or dash away and get to safe position.Also you said shockwave is unblockable its uncorrect.If you block with shield it will deal dmg to you but it wont knock you on the ground,but if you jump with SPACE it wont deal dmg to you and it wont even knock you :) SO IN THE END I THINK SWORD SHOULD STAY IN STATE LIKE IT IS NOW I ACTUALLY LIKE IT MORE THEN AXE OR HAMMER :)

sword should be totally normal except for the full spin. but the spin should be faster and knock enemy's over and back.

Sword now do not push enemies too far, so this can be considered as fixed.

Topic can be closed :)

a shoting sword?