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no, certainly not... did you vote down? let me explain it better to you. the current character is a grunt. weapons are just what grunt is equipped with. the class adds different abilities which i have not included in this post. for example, a rogue might get ability's like, dodge or sneak attack etc. it's a bit more complex than that. this post just shows what the class slot would look like where you could buy a class for 5000 bones each. it also explains how the ability's slot would be different when you enter as a zerk than as a rogue, because they have different abilities. make mores sense now? no new weapons :)

it doesn't work for me, its just a black screen...

ikr, is it a bad idea or something?

the issue is, i don't like hanging out with any of my class mate's... my friends are in other classes, sorry if i didn't make that clear earlier. plus my friends are often stupid and act far less mature than me, it makes it hard to hang out with them. plus one of my best friends just moved recently into the countryside, so i only see him at school breaks. and breaks are short, and so on. bah, bah bah... thx 4 the advice tho.

better than you

whats funny?... .. .  .    .      . lol? my life is lol is it?

i didn't. i did 2 the day before yesterday. 1 yesterday. and 1 today. they r just getting bumped. and i had a large break from making posts before then... did you vote down because of that? if so that's unfair, i spent hours on that art. hmmf.