add the knight class minor healing and spells mount and specail attacks

werewolf 3 years ago • updated 2 years ago 7

the night class could have a mount with normal health but constantly regaining armor. he could have double speed on horse back and a reloading charge ability. when the horse dies it could take 10 seconds for a new one to appear. the horse could have 4 health and a 1 damage attack and 3 for a charge. the horse follows you and has slowly reneging 1-3 armor to. the knight also has a slowly reloading automatic 1 health regaining. rolls and one special super powered magical sword attack dealing 5 damage and knocking back reasonably far. this attack can work on more than 1 target. so its in an ark.

hope you enjoyed.


Seems a bit overpowered. Maybe regening armor every 10 seconds, horse re spawn every 20 seconds. The health and attack seems fine for the horse. I would say no health regen as there's already armor regen. The sword seems way too over powered, maybe he can have the ability to have the speed of the yellow potion for 3-2 seconds instead?


the special sword attack would probably Have a long re lode. no reneging Health. How about 15 seconds for the Horse to reappear. how about reneging armor every 3 seconds. i checked it on a timer. it seemed reasonable.

this idea seriously rocks! it is O.P but so is Zerk. I pretty much agree with dragolich.

because of the new version the sword would be his normal weapon. the actual knight item would be a knights helm which would activate his reneging armor ability. there could be a separate section called the mounts section which could contain different mounts you can buy including the knights horse. others could be dragon, sand worm, normal horse, lion chariot and many more?

also a warg mount like i lord of the rings.

I find it annoying when people bump a lot of old threads. Even if the ideas are good. There's currently only one developer for this game and he can't do everything. lol

i would at least like to see a knight helmet though.