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messy starting screen

werewolf 8 years ago updated by Jaedong 8 years ago 6

when you first hop on the game the screen is covered in different options. this would be alright for players who have been playing for some time but beginners will be put off the game Quickly. also it just looks messy.

i have recently been on a computer free holiday and when i got back i jumped on the computer and instanly got stunned by how messy the starting screen was.

i would fix the problem by simply having hero name, play, log in, and customise hero buttons. when you click play it would come up with the options for what map you would want to play in. such as 1 vs 1, desert, ruins, and soccer. the default option should be at the top of the list in bold. you should also make it more complex if you add more modes such as capture the flag. if so add these options:


capture the flag, soccer, others?


1 vs 1, monster battles, others?

more options could be added to these ideas.

the starting screen really is messy

Just a few other ideas:

* Replace the moving background that has a person killing people.

* Center the main button block (move it up about a quarter inch.

* Center the Ad block, and make it so that it doesn't overlap with the Vote button. Maybe leave the entire left side for ad's no, put the Mute, Full-screen, and Vote, somewhere else.

* Fix the Fullscreen so that it works in battle.

the fullscreen realy is a pain isnt it.

rezoner really needs to fix it up.

Under review

Ok - a quick fix for the new players. I have removed everything but the PLAY and TUTORIAL button. I will give it a go for a week and let you know what are the statistical effects.

agree. it's messy as hell. the entire lobby needs to get reworked.