Your comments

same here. i chose black and got grey.

sure they are easy to beat but look rediculis.

so i noticed that a beard has been added. but will rezoner add some different beards you can buy becuase currently every one has a beard. and players should start with no beards.

this was the very old old version.

but chop able trees could be re added to the game. perhaps players could earn coins by selling the wood at the shops in the game.

now players cant do this anymore with the recent update.

i still get killed by wizards. bit rarely archers.

i get pummelled by wizards before i reach them but archers relode is to slow and i can tell when they are going to shoot next. ice staffs are still better than sword but not bow. my thought is to reduce bow cost to 2000 and make arrows move faster and be non kick able.

i don't think he meant that you were not playing during the old version to.

and maybe he has some other thoughts you never know.

any way. i was wondering if you could join my tribe. you would be the first member except me because my friends don't play much and i prefer a more Conservative game. no big armies.

if this link doesn't work tell me. also check out my ideas on weapons below. i got some of the idea from "BerserkerOP_Pay2win".

oh and i will close this link when i have enough players.

yes. you are right.

players start with normal shield and axe which makes it easy to tell when they are blocking and a little less damage than normal. when they get second shield block speed is higher and damage is returned to normal. other shields could be added later like roman shield or leopard skin.

player would deal normal damage without shield and could change it to more than usual (2/3) if they upgrade to two handed on the weapon they are using. if they do that they couldn't use a shield.

using two weapons is another option. if you don't have a shield or have upgraded to two handed then you can upgrade to double weapons. it makes you able to attack 2/3 percent faster.

Rezoner. Bow costs just as much as ice staff but is far worse.

first the re lode for bow is slow and ice staffs is nearly instant. i know that bow deals more damage but you can block an arrow in one block and you cant with an ice staff. also ice bolts are harder to dodge as there is a ton of them, but bow is easy to dodge and block. also freezing is more powerful than fire arrow.

how i would fix this is to make bow cost 2000 instead of 2400 and make arrows move faster and impossible to kick back. also get rid of slow down once finished loading.

my computer wouldn't cope with 100 player and i have played it since the beginning of the old version.

you are wrong about the game dying and it is likely that when the number of players goes over a certain number other players would get put in seprate server.