change fox ears and nose to wolf pelt mask.

werewolf 8 years ago updated by Brai 7 years ago 20

the fox ears really dont suit the game. however a wolf pelt suit would.


They should at least be a little more aggressive looking.

have you played animal jam? my little sister plays it. that fox mask looks just the same as one in animal jam. in other words just as stupid. a wolf mask would be great.

Dragolich it doesnt make sense that you're comparing the two. they're both differnet. Rezoner keep the mask these people are just way toooooooooo sensitive. WHO CARES WHAT TYPE OF MASK IT IS?


Yes and he should also add a Rainbow Unicorn mask!!

what do you think brutal. do you like the werewolf idea

i looked animal jam up. it really does look the same!

told you so. i like the game but the fox mask looks dumb.


the wolf mask should add a new ability like transform into werewolf? it would cost way more and in the werewolf's eyes its night and for anyone who can see the werewolf?

that sounds awsome.

yes werewolves it would be awsome.

give them more speed damage health and jump but they cant use weapons in werewolf form.

funny how i am called werewolf on here.


Does not matter.


It is the most important thing that this game could have!! As well as the best idea, and should be urgently implemented!!!!!!!!!


the fox ears are a waste of time

BUMP. Oops, sorry there but this post is relevant to a sentence from Rezoner in the post here: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3231-the-fox-dog-sound-makes-a-human-sound-in-football-soccer/

Also this would be really cool in general, and to see. Please make this a thing Rez, because the fox mask, although quite taunting to it's opponents, is getting boring and lame. A change of fashion to this poor unreasonably high 5000 ( i think ) gold mask would make it all the better. Thank you very much.

Yours truly,

~Seraph (also Seraph in-game. By the way you'll usually see me wielding a spear or hammer because I think I'm good with those now.)

yes well a wolf mask would probably be a little more aggressive looking. that's saying quite a bit because the current look its still aggressive. i think its because of the sounds.


For me current mask is funny, and not looks much aggressive :p

i mean the sounds sound aggressive. not the look.

it does looks liek a mickey mouse fan more than a wolf... rez said that he wanted to take out that mask and put something alse that i dont remember now and the wood mast