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yup. just copy the old 1. i will take a while to get a new account... post the link on the old 1

that's like the only think i agree with you about...

mhm. i cant make a new account on this computer. but maybe when i get  a chance i will make a new account and quickly do a remake of the server. i'm glad to see your positive attitude :). i'll go and use one of the library computers k.

Cough Cough, nice pic

err, my account was removed... for some reason discord thought i was a bot... it sucks. unfortunately its permanent. so there are a few options...

1. i make a new account and basically copy the server and post a link on the old 1 (not sure if that will work though)

2. we just forget about the server and everyone leaves (preferably not)

3. somehow i get the account back (which isn't going to happen, so unless u have any better ideas, which of these should i go 4?)

yo mrrppp. if yer wondering why i'm not on discord, its because it thinks i'm a bot. my account has been temporarily disabled... or permanently.

bye... i guess

what if the gate is already wooden? perhaps you should rethink this a bit. what if the stones worked in the same way that armor does for a player? it could add an extra white ring on the outside. 1 stone = 1/4 gate armor. the stones would supply the same armor as a piece of wood gives health. stones could be collected by 20 hits from a hammer (makes them harder to get) 1 mine explosion, or 2 grenades. there would be 12 stone sources on the map. they would each take 2 x longer to reappear than a tree. a player could throw a stone, it would work like a grenade. the difference is it would not knock over, but instead stun and deal less damage. the rock would shatter when it hits the ground creating the blast.