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thx for the advice Egzekutor. i appreciate it. hmmm, where i live most ppl have had a boyfriend or girlfriend by my age... but that doesn't change your point, so as i said, thx.

I plan on explaining things in better focus in another post for the abilities slot. I will show how the abilities concept works and also make posts explaining the other slots you may have noticed. Such as Skins, Armor and Items.

... why did someone down vote? trollers ...

oh yeah, forgot about that XD. Dagger 1000, Wand 3000, mace 2400. i think that's about right. but maybe the dagger could be more expensive, it depends how tough it would be if tested. so yeah, i think that's about right.

i like your concepts, but i think you could be more creative...

i get what your saying, but you don't really think i can help liking girls... things are always easier said than done if you get what i'm saying. also the whole girl issue just got the depression started. it wont go away now just from ignoring girls, its affecting my whole life. friendships, family EVERYTHING...

mentally disturbed ppl?... i guess so. if that's the definition

i understand what you are saying perfectly. just because i'm 14 doesn't mean i don't have feelings though. things that happen now will still make the me that i will be in the future. therefor, if my now is totally depressing and terrible, then its less likely my life will be better later on in my life. still thx for the advice.

don't worry about your advice. it was fun talking to you anyway, and good to share with someone. and as i said i'm trying my best to get back on. i'm glad that you saw my post. also, if you see this could you tell TNTsquid?

give Egzekutor admin, that's all for now. i'm thinking maybe i should make a "Big Red Button" role. to delete the server if need be so we can start afresh.