Your loosing tons of players!

werewolf 4 years ago updated by WilderLord 4 years ago 1

since the new beta version there has basically only been one battle going on in each area. as in EU, US, AS. how are you going to fix this problem. since the new BETA version tons of players have quit playing wilds.io and wont play it again even if it does get better because they wont know! you need to fix this problem.

also npc's! when you play the desert map there are only npc players! the map is great and reminds me of the old version but with only a few npc's running around the map it is extremely dull. its like doing training on a larger map basically. you could fix this by making more npc's or more players. players would be preferred of course and theirs no ranking on the map either!

to get more players i would recommend making a item that only comes out for a week once each year. this would cause a sudden group of players trying. before this i would recommend making the desert map as close as possible to how it was originally/before beta version.

also make the starting screen less messy to not put off players first looking at the website. more modes and maps for different peoples liking's and perhaps a war mode?

your loosing tons of players alright. if your looking at this rezoner please take it into account.