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umm, technically yes. metaphorically, possibly not.

this is for ideas. not... that. try out discord, i'm making a new server for it now.

that bump. but hey, its a good idea :)

eh, i'm sorry that i'm taking so long. still cant get a time to make a new gmail account, which means no new discord :( it's frustrating knowing that i'm missing out on stuff. cant wait to chat again :)

hi i guess

why not? it would make the game more interesting and diverse, and allow different style's of play too. please consider it took me for 6 hours to make all this post, from the art to the stats. its really annoying when ppl like you just come come in, say bland statements like that and leave a thumbs down.

it might not be so accurate. but lets just say that 2 seconds is the current stun time. then say 2.5 would just be 25% longer. make sense?