Your comments

sorry seva but this is reduculus. just give up.

meant to make this a question but didnt remember to. please answer below.

i like that idea to.

the green skin was one od those so maybe brown skin and some other stuff like that.

sorry. i just saw a link to it and didnt know how old it was.

Keep your idea of splitting them into groups like tribes or kingdoms then empires. that's the best option. but give player a choice to continue to the next stage or not get anymore members.

make guilds cost 3000. and player who already have guilds have to pay 2000 coins to continue.

your not getting it. if you were playing during the old version like me you would know you could still block without a shield. you could buy not using a sheild becuse its harder for enemy to tell when your blocking.

i think you would buy not using sheild becuase it is harder to tell when they are blocking

what ever mister no it all. i can almost imagine your avatar shouting at me.

it dose not matter for this idea. and i don't want it to be forgotten. this idea is one of the best i have ever seen. i found far better than your gore idea.

besides. you should practice what you preach. according to you, you should be banned about 17 times. not to mention you get so carried away with your comments.