Your comments

i would at least like to see a knight helmet though.

can you also take a look at my wizard ideas?

can you make it so the captain america shield be thrown.

brutal can you check out my knight idea?

what do you think brutal. do you like the werewolf idea

ghost walk: mighty scroll

its user turns a bright white color. he can walk threw walls and over traps. he appears to float above the ground slightly. when he walks threw an enemy they become stunned. he cannot attack or take damage. when he right clicks a wind blows enemy's back. when he clicks left he turns invisible for 5 seconds. the spell ends when the player clicks tab. the spell has a re lode of 0 but you cant cast spells while you are in ghost form. it costs 6500 coins.

assassinate: legendary

player turns totally invisible apart from the occasional shimmer. players speed is doubled. player is immortal. player kills enemy's in one hit. when the player has killed one enemy he returns to his natural form and re appears somewhere away from enemy's. the spell can only be brought if the player has killed a king 30 times. it has a cool down of 6 minutes. it costs 10000 coins.

funny how i am called werewolf on here.

please include scroll cool down and scroll cost if typing ideas.