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nice 2 see someone does XD. nice 2 know yer memorable.

i find it kinda funny (but more annoying and stupid) how all of the crap posts are the ones which get the attention. as in some random bad post has -17 votes, where as this super extra good post has just + 8. people spend tons of time jabbering on about how much they hate the bad posts which bumps them to the top so more people notice them. then more people jabber on and it loops. but with these good posts... they say one thing like "nice..." and then go bump some random rubbish posts. this means that often coming onto the forum there are lots of hated posts everywhere, but all the good ones are forgotten. even the really cool ones like this will one day gather dust, unless rezoner adds them which is considerably less likely because they spend less time at the top of the list. has rezoner answered this? no. has rezoner answered the recent super crappy post? yes. the way the whole thing works is totally un efficient.

Hmmmf, i give up.

fine. i admit, i'm your brother.

i could be... you never know.

r u staying up too late typing? yer from Australia right? nine hours ago... dude go 2 bed earlier or you'll make mistakes.

if there are horns to go with bat wings. then why not have this to go with the angel wings XD. it makes perfect sense.

Loven it, good job bro

Awesome, its like my old idea but with arts XD.