block without sheild

WilderLord 7 years ago updated by Original PERRA 7 years ago 14

add a block without shield for sale in the shop. it would be just the same exept they wouldn't have a shield and would raise there weapons in defence instead of a sheild.

Maybe new players start without shield, and basic shield should be cost for example 500 coins?

No its to much... No perks and why when it for a just new thing on your skin... Its need to cost max 50 min 30 coins.. Or 100 but not 500

If you cannot block without shield... 500 for a new player who has no idea about the game is a madness.... however, it would be nice if you have to fight/train a little bit (maybe the tutorial and something more) in order to achieve a basic shield.

In any case, right now it doesnt make sense, because all shields and hats are "the same thing".

your not getting it. if you were playing during the old version like me you would know you could still block without a shield. you could buy not using a sheild becuse its harder for enemy to tell when your blocking.

Well... my dear ancient player, if you werent so arrogant you would not say shits....

Actually I've been playing from the old (but the real) old version and I remember perfectly that you could block without the shield, only with the weapon. HOWEVER, I thought you were talking about the present and not about repeating old version.

In this case, if you are talking about only "visual effects", only removing the shield but you will be able to block anyway.... well, that is ridiculous for a new player. We are talking different things in that case.

I was talking about "growing as player, motivation, challenges, you have nothing but you achieve it". If I can do the same but with other sprites... well... wow, so motivating, yep... sure... nope.

i don't think he meant that you were not playing during the old version to.

and maybe he has some other thoughts you never know.

any way. i was wondering if you could join my tribe. you would be the first member except me because my friends don't play much and i prefer a more Conservative game. no big armies.


if this link doesn't work tell me. also check out my ideas on weapons below. i got some of the idea from "BerserkerOP_Pay2win".

oh and i will close this link when i have enough players.

Wow, I really appreciate your invitation. However, I'm already staying in a 2-3 members guild because we don't want big guilds with the actual system.

Thank you so much.

Guys, you misunderstand me. I mean new players can block with weapon, like in old wilds without shield. Shield is only skin and cool look ;]

I think this can be good idea, especially for old players who want again saw old blocking only with weapon ;]


i think you would buy not using sheild becuase it is harder to tell when they are blocking

I guess weapon will have to gain size a lot like shield when blocking.


This makes me think of the two-handed weapon system in Skyrim. In Skyrim, a shield greatly increases the effectiveness of blocking, but it limits the player's damage output. If a player wields a shield, they cannot wield a two-handed weapon or two weapons at once.

I feel like a similar system could add a lot of diversity to the combat system in Wilds.io. It would make the game more customizable, and that's something I would really like.

That would be nice

yes. you are right.

players start with normal shield and axe which makes it easy to tell when they are blocking and a little less damage than normal. when they get second shield block speed is higher and damage is returned to normal. other shields could be added later like roman shield or leopard skin.

player would deal normal damage without shield and could change it to more than usual (2/3) if they upgrade to two handed on the weapon they are using. if they do that they couldn't use a shield.

using two weapons is another option. if you don't have a shield or have upgraded to two handed then you can upgrade to double weapons. it makes you able to attack 2/3 percent faster.