Your comments

give them more speed damage health and jump but they cant use weapons in werewolf form.

i want a map called the hunt. it would be based at night in a forest full of other players. there would be werewolves which have more health speed and damage. and the normal players would have to hunt them without turning into a werewolf themselves. the game starts with 1 werewolf and could end early or turn into a werewolf infested bloodbath.

when a werewolf dies he turns into a human when he respawns. he then has to help hunt down more werewolves. when a human is hit by a werewolf he has a chance of catching the decease and turning into a werewolf himself after five seconds. the game end when all the werewolves or humans die. a werewolf has the speed of a player who has just drunk a speed potion but no extra attack speed. he looks like a grey fury huminoid with a wolves head. he runs diferenly to humant however and attacks with claws.

add a list at the side of the screen of different monsters to spawn. the monsters would spawn when you click the different buttons. also add a skale of A.i for bots. 1 being slow to think no special attacks and five being auto reactions intelligent strategy and special attacks such as pounce for hammer and spin for sword. even perhaps options to change the training map and change bots size.

also a warg mount like i lord of the rings.

because of the new version the sword would be his normal weapon. the actual knight item would be a knights helm which would activate his reneging armor ability. there could be a separate section called the mounts section which could contain different mounts you can buy including the knights horse. others could be dragon, sand worm, normal horse, lion chariot and many more?

with the new update his different ability's could be activated with a necromancer staff and a dark hood. the dark hood would give the player a darker color and blackness under his hood.

can you please add a double axe weapon which would activate the whirlwind attack instead of special ability's?