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hump'dy dump'dy sat on a wall. hump'dy dump'dy had  great fall. all the king horses and all the kings men,

couldn't put hump'dy together again. it must have been a a big bump.

yo, don't be embarrassed. its a nice picture. and you should be proud of it :)

um. it is a low tier weapon that costs more than one of the top tier weapons! lower price or buff.

but mainly 1. very very important.

in this order:







but i still like them all :)

i think that the portal should let out shadow players. players should be able to enter it. it should take them to like a small map which is like the old hell mode. but with purple ground and gems which non shadow players can collect. if you die from a shadow you become a shadow which can both defend the crystals and exit into the actual world to kill living players in the fortress map.

if you die while you are a shadow you reappear in the shadow dimension on a re spawn. each gem is worth 5 coins each but are special because they do not count towards your maximum coins per day. if all 100 gems are collected the portal then disappears. inside the shadow realm the crystals occasionally appear in random places. there is only one portal at a time and they are even rarer than ogres.

what do you think of that?

the picture in the post of the cross inside the wall area could serve as a safe spot which shadows cant enter. it could also make players regenerate health but only very slowly.