how do you join tribes?

werewolf 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 2

i made my own tribe. so how exactly do i get other players to join my tribe?

and mainly how do i join a tribe or others join mine.

i also have a qusetion about bones. do you earn bones and start with none in your tribe. or is it about how many bones you have yourself. as in how high you are on the trofy room?

meant to make this a question but didnt remember to. please answer below.


For Invite another people to tribe you must send them invitation link (you found this link in "administration" window.

And if you want join to other tribe you must leave your current and click in link which send you leader of this tribe.

For conquer more territories on map, you and your members must collect bones. Your tribe start with small territory and when you collect bones you slowly gain territories. bones which you gain before maked guild is not added to territory.