Final idea for day.

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 20

Hello Rezoner i know you Deciled my gore idea, but i have like this idea but not with big blood gore flyig guts FUN1. Ok can you make a mutilating parts of enemies and goblins *Again no so more blood and gore. a normal blood from game*. COUGH with this idea you can cut off left hand, right hand, and head of enemie. Goblin=just cut off on 2 halfs. END OF IDEA. But you can deiled it again. But i thing kids mind dont crushing by this so small amount of blood. In addition now kids play GTA 3 4 5 and so more games with BLOOD GORE GUTS FUN1. REAL END OF IDEA.



Closing the thread. You are asking to stop hating on it - but meanwhile you bump it up.

c mon Rezoner kids not dead when game we have mutilating.

c moooooooooooooooooooooooon


You are obsessed with mutilating xDDDD

Personally, I would like Rezoner to concentrate on adding things like the wand, mounts, etc. Instead of those mutilation and blood effects

I wouldn't mind seeing some subtle lingering blood stains after killing someone.Just a little.

Brutal balls you real Brual1


And yeah i so much love games with BLOOOOOOOOD GOOOOORE FLYING GUTS AND EYES FUUUUUUUUN. And people like this idea.


(っ-●益● ̶)っ psychopath...

No i dont kill in real life. And i miss one thing i love PIXEL gore like BRUTAL DooM http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom http://gzdoom.drdteam.org/page.php?page=download

When you want to play BRUTAL DooM you need to 1. Download mod 2. download GZDooM *to download GZDooM you need to extract all files in your desktop and put document file of BRUTAL DooM in icon of green marine and play.

OR you can just download torrent of brutal doom and play with extracted mods goodgame :)


Please just stop, you are giving too many ideas too many times, Rezoner is a SINGLE developer. NOT a dev team like Blizzard. You MUST stop because you are overloading the forum nearly.

You want Wilds to be like another game entirely, and not (almost) original at all. That isn't right, Therefore I will give a -1.

I would post a filthy frank "TIME TO STOP", but I don't feel like it.

~Seraph (currently Acolyte)

P.S, You honestly do post too much.

Dude just GET A LIFE ffs.

Ok ok guy i can dont post ideas one week

if rez adds it i wouldn't play anymore.

but i wouldn't mind an option to have it on (:

:) But he is can add a gore settings :)))))))))) and amount of blood)))))))

When you so fear gore you can OFF it and play cute game :)

Please do not bump old posts. It may not be possible to consider them new or old, if someone cannot see it.

sorry. i just saw a link to it and didnt know how old it was.



Closing the thread. You are asking to stop hating on it - but meanwhile you bump it up.