Your comments

also preferred old size of players and the animations. may seem similar to you but i bet there are tons of other players would agree that they just are not quite right.

the new version is great just make the map a little larger.

great i just played with it then. not exactly how i imagined it but my version would have taken ages to make. my only recommendation is making it larger. the sand worm on the map is about the size of 3 players. the one in dun is huge. i would recommend increasing the size by about 3 times and make the trail behind it last longer.

it takes longer to attack. when i click attack it attacks 1 second after. and players don't look as good. apart from that5 great job.

i would recommend making the sand worm larger. still i cant believe one of my ideas has been included in the game. also its annoying flipping into walls and taking damage.i would recommend making it so he sticks his leg out and bounces of the wall on to other enemys.

change the maps but not the look of the players and there attacks. apart from that great job.

if it was free you certainly wouldn't be the only patron on the map. most people would be and Rezoner couldn't update the game any more. that means no wizards no shamans no more anything.

the shaman should constantly have a radius that increasingly players running speed a little and a tiny bit of health.

really i think that he should be like a spirit shaman.

the shaman should be fast and able to dodge attacks with speed. he should have a low damage staff attack say 1 damage and no special attacks. i think he should have 6 health. his moves could be right click and hold to summon up spirits which deal damage to any enemies in a radius of the shaman. this move would have a long cool down and the shaman would have to stay still. on a forwards scroll he could releases spirit from his staff which seeks out the closest friendly player and flies threw them healing them by 3 hp. on a backwards scroll any friendly players in his radius gain 1 health per second. on a forwards scroll and right click he holds up his staff and blinds all enemies in his radius for 3 seconds this would have a cool down.