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it should cost a bit. half damage.

awsome ideas

cool. but it would be great if you could sort out this problem. perhaps if your team looses they loose some gold and the other team gets some. then players wouldn't want to just play around aimlessly and actualy try win the match?

you just updated it recently. its great. you can get larger again and start smaller. goblins are back on. i just have 4 simple recommendations to make it better.

first the red head is alright. but i think when you play as a guest you should get a random hair color from red to black to brown or even blond. and give him random names to. guest is not the most fantasy suiting name. perhaps a chance of having a beard ?

second is the goblins. its great that you re added them but some of them are huge and they take 2 hits to kill. when your out in the desert alone you have a huge chance of dieing because of them. intact i got killed by 4 large goblins coming at me form 4 angles. it was impossible to stop them. as soon as i stand up the next comes and knocks me over again. i think you should make them all small. with a tiny chance of being an orc. orcs would be larger slower and would have 5 health. they would have swords and would attack you without knocking you over. goblins should be reverted to 1 health.

goblin A.I is terrible. goblins A.I was great before the new version. but because of the walls goblins get stuck in them and when coming around for the next attack they run into the walls. my recommendation is to have them start turning around when they get so close to the wall before they hit it.

last of all is the indoors. you need monsters for inside like a gelatinous cube which makes its way around the hallways usually blocking the entire path when hit it could swap direction. when a player runs into it he would get sucked in for 10 seconds before getting spat out onto the floor and taking 2 damage. a beholder could be in the room across the parkour area. it would try stay away from players and cast spells from a distance. it could have an spell attack which deals 3 damage and knocks over enemies and could have 23 health. when killed it could come back after 1 minute and could release lots of coins when it dies.

I understand that 2 worms have been added to the new version. I understand that it must have taken you a while to make the worm but here are some improvements that would make the worm more interactive.

buy thumper: i think it would be cool if you could buy worm summoning devices if you have an account.

i have noticed that the worm occasionally merges. could you make it occasionally merge for a longer period of time.

killable: i know that worms are super strong but it would be so much fun being able to kill them. perhaps if you hit them with a ranged weapon or bomb it would make them merge for say 10 seconds and it would have similar health to the current boss. i someone kills worm they get a special worm pet skin available to buy at the shop.

most of all the worms in the game now are seriously nearly worms. not sand worms. they are tiny compared to the giant beasts in dune. perhaps you should increase there size this much:

I old

I new

last of all make a special item you can get making worms not attack or damage you.

hope you read these ideas you probably spend a long time reading all the ideas/Questions/bugs

i am actually not playing as much because of this. its super annoying.

minion ideas:

sand mephit: looks like a swirling swarm of sand about half the size of a player with a vague goblin like body form. its special move could be to turn into a mini twister and knock nearby enemies over dealing damage and knocking them back to.

sand dragon: tiny sand colored dragon. blows one enemy away at a time dealing no damage but pushing them away.

sand worm: follows the player occasionally merging and dealing 3 damage to nearby enemies. cannot merge indoors.

cobra snake: follows player occasionally leaping at enemies and poisoning them.

desert wolf: brown in color with a huge spiky mane going right down its back. the wolfs master gains a slight speed boost for running and the wolf does an attack dealing 2 damage and knocking over enemies on command with small cool down.

lion: huge golden beast with mane. gives its owner extra size and and new rage move.

grick: small human sized worm creature with dark Grey skin. large mouth with 4 jaws covered in spiky teeth. the grick molds into the sand after standing still for a while then does a surprise attack to the next enemy close to you dealing3 damage knocking over and back.

skeletons: the skeletons attack any enemy who comes close to you. there are 10 of them over all and they are human sized when killed the rise out of the ground beside you after 30 seconds. each skeleton has normal speed, 3 health, 1 damage and they work together.

add ridable pets you can buy like:


giant boar

sand worm

hell hound








I sort of agree with the above. I still like the new version but its so different i would still like to have the old one as well. Maybe you could merge the two. The old versions heroes are easer to control and seem faster and more maneuverable. This may seem like your making the players to O.P but if every ones special then no ones special. Also add the goblins to. Rocks and boulders should be re added and the players size should be reduced a little. You should be able to get at least 2 times the size of how you started when you level up.

Walls blend in with the ground to much so make them more stone colored. Like Grey or mossy green. Also something i think would up the game is a thin sheet of sand blowing across the desert. This would not effect the players but would make the game look so much better. The walls around the edge of the map should be replaced by cliffs to giving the game a sort of arena feel like you've been thrown into a pit with lots of hostile players trying to kill you. The worms are great but they would look better if they were larger. and perhaps make them killable so if you don't keep the population down then there will be like 5 giant bloodthirsty sand worms creeping around the map. They should have lots of health of coarse.

The falling is not quite right. I think you should take some damage and then you can climb out of the pit. What i am saying is you could run around in the pit and battle monsters on them. Whirl pools should be added to. They were great fun. Also more new npc monsters would vastly improve the game.

The new version is great it just needs spicing up and changed a little to impress the old players who were in love with the old version. Of coarse i am not saying you have to add this all and i understand that it must take you ages to make this game. I my self do some programing and its not easy. It must have taken you ages to make the new version. To have it thrown back in your face by some person from the other side of the world would be very non encouraging. still please take into mind some of these ideas.

Thanks for reading.