Release notes 17.03.2017 - Guilds

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I have copied it there as reddit doesn't seem to gain popularity :)

+ Basic guilds / tribes system
+ New item: grenade
+ New item: stamina potion
% You can now hold two consumables and two equipment
% Reworked main menu

-- Update 20.03.2017 --

<code>% Nerfed charged attack - it doesn't jump so far and causes a slowdown
% Improvements to the map readability
% The map is not 100% filled anymore - the tribes will have to progress further to claim unhabited land.

What are further plans for tribes?

It's obvious that the current system cannot support variety of guild sizes in a fair way. In the future the tribes will be divided into Tribes (10 members), Kingdoms (100 members), Empires (1000 members) - and these three stages will have separate maps to support different tribe management styles.


I have 1/2 of the Kingdom :3
By the way, here's some of my thoughts about guilds https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/2499-improvements-and-shortcomings-of-the-guilds/

*We have (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

You know why I left the guild.... HOWEVER I could be your queen :D

Rezak, pls invite me to tribe


Definitely good update. Charge spam is now not as dangerous anymore what good balances the gameplay.

In my opinnion current fight mechanics is close to perfect.

Only grenades looks now little op, because here is no way to counter it.

Maybe the ability to kick them back would be a good option to defend against them?

Well it for sure does not balance countering ranged anymore. :P

This is also balanced because when archer or mage charge attack they now moving slower ;]

As archer you mostly shoot on the move, charging while running then turning back(bonus speed)for the shot. With slots update they had to watch for daggers almost like others had to watch for fire arrows, still rangers can just spray n pray, now I guess chasing bows will basically mean deathwish.

Wand vs meele was mostly fair, if sorc was too greedy he could get charged, but meele had to dodge bullets with attack ready. It is much easier for Wand player to stall as both players now have same speed mechanics, charge can't really be used to catch fleeing ranger because using stamina does nothing. Still, Its too early for me to say its inbalance now.

One thing that would help would be proper block and kick system that is not 360 degrees so rangers have to face risk vs reward situations - get bonus speed from turning away and risk getting hit by dagger? But that is probably far too much work for Rezoner.

For me archers is not big deal. You can kick/block every one projectile, and this can also hurt archer. Shield dash is very useful vs archers. But this is only my opinion. Everyone have his own tactics ;]

If you strafe you will never get hit by deflected weapon/dagger/arrow/whatever and you won't get stunned/disarmed like meele fighter from kicks or blocks. Its true that bow is neglected by many players in favor of PewPewWand or WhirlwindBlade, but even before last changes it actually was better than sword in right hands.

Finaly you post it... Thanks that cool!

Under review

In a few days I will add a button to show the map history, there is not enough data yet so keep scoring


Nice update, yep.

I have a question about guilds.... right now the fact of having a guild is only like a "bones farming race". The only aim here is having as many trolls as you can to get bones and grow the score.

So, what about if you get more points if you kill some boss (you will need to get a party) or conquer some castle and keep it or something similar?

In addition, apparently this mode will be the same like the "kills leaderboard". If you are a new user, it is almost impossible being in the top10 unless you spend 14h per day. You will feel playing is not worth it because to progress you will need to collect around 15-30k. I don't know.... It is strange.

All would make sense if the guilds were limited to let's say 10 people. It's pain to balance it due to some guilds will be just a bunch of friends, and some may be a popular youtuber with 1000 members. If I shift mechanics toward making it appear that 5 ppl guild can be as strong as 100, will be unfair for these 100.

Keep your idea of splitting them into groups like tribes or kingdoms then empires. that's the best option. but give player a choice to continue to the next stage or not get anymore members.

I dont get the tribe system. someone mind explaining to me? like are the kingdoms and empires in the tribes?

no. rezoner is thinking about spliting the different numbers of players into groupes. they would have seperate maps. 10 or under for tribes, 100 or under for kingdoms, and 1000 for empires.


Pls Rezoner return old update notes but not from forum MAKE IT LIKE OLD.

thank god that the charge attack got nerfed.

popoyo: It would be good to put a rank of who has more land

Reasoner, return the place in the Guild on points of the arena, as all mixed up. It is not very convenient. This does not mean that it is necessary to remove the bones.Denote as any recruits who joined the Guild recently

You want the places to be sorted by Arena rank instead of bones?

No more, just mistakes with the list of participants were. By the way, I think it's worth adding ranks or allowing members of the guild to invite people, and then the admin in a special window can choose to accept the player or not.