BAN the shopkeeper

palan 3 years ago updated by BeeP BeeP Ima SheeP 3 years ago 85

the shopkeeper posts too many sexy egg plant memes in discord. might be time to think about a ban...

Under review

Discord is beyond my rule.

I thought you are admin on Discord wilds channels..

Shush...he is , but he isn't !

never ask such fulish questions...

what is the eta


Man, stop posting useless posts. This really not help with making game better.

FIRST dscord wilds.IO is just were we talk about wilds.IO or funny thing

second evrybody could put that for fun


Lol all the real wilds players went straight to the dislike button


haha your coment has 12 down votes XD

It's a piece of screenshot of this site, he cut everything except two buttons with upvote and downvote. But look at it from better side - you know who disliked you. Counterattack!


He was just mad on discord...


palan that was a joke why you hate me


i think palan luv you, shopkeeper, but he want to hide it and does all wrong to you.

How did you even get that screenshot palan you aren't even in our discord anymore smh...

And also that thing I said was a joke so stop trying to get shop in trouble for no reason -_-

Bruh now it's sad af. This is desperation right here


So sad. He did the shopkeeper. Not The Shopkeeper. No capital letters


on second thougsh never mind


It wouldn't have happened either way m8. You had no control over the outcome


it is under review so we wil lsee i have asked for a eta already

Is this a joke? No seriously, is this a joke because it's not funny.


which bit

...alan... or should I say alanpatriate? Calm yourself m8

kk thx m8 gg no re 360 no scope rekt 420 69 doritos mlg


This post is shit and its covering all the good posts with shit,so stop bumping this shitty post

eew, i'm not this kid, what are you on?

huh. I swear that...nvm



same difference ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

yep this is a joke, its way to shit


Best ways to make your average points go down to less than 0 is:

1. Adding ideas about banning someone

2. Pleasing for lowering prices for anything

3. Pleasing for making something for free

4. Adding idea with as worse as you can gamemode.

Made by: palan, macman, unknown user(still searching for him) and Lacika Madarasz.


Don't forgot about posts without description!


Thanx, but now I can't edit this comment. Fu... oh wait, I did thank you earlier :/

This annoy me too .-.


It was at this moment, palan knew, he had fuc*ed up.

alan what the actual fuck


basically It's time to stop.

Filthy Frank reference,huh?


He is op :D


No more. Where the fuck are your parents? I'm gonna call child protective services. It's time to stop.


this is under review but can we get a ETA plz

palan just no


i was asking the developer aka moms spaghetti


Mom's spaghetti isn't developer!!!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania super facepalm meme

programmer/developer/coder whatever the word is


How do you know if you havnt asked the man himself ;)


I grilled an eggplant once.
Not as good as it sounds.


needless bump...

Boom! - The worst sound you can hear when cooking a eggplant :D


Whoever has ever put an egg into a microwave, knows what a real kitchen is. (rip me)

Guys but we're here to improve the game or to ban people


thanks for the support


At this point, most people aren't down-voting because of the topic. They are down-voting because they want to see how many down-votes this topic can get.



what exactly was the point in saing that

what exactly is the point of you commenting over and over


is it tru that sgt pain did a bad thing

Is this about SGT Pain or The Shopkeeper again?


great i will have to make the same post but about sgt pain

Looks like your post is doing great huh? 5th most disliked on all of discord


it is 1 like away from being double digit likes


And step closer for be banned on forum (._.)


clearly ths post has been BRIGADED by shop keeper and his iminions... i shal be speeking to moms spagetti dirctly!!!!


What the heck exactly is this



I, as a developer in alan's name will BAN the SHOPKEEPER for posting too many sexy eggplant pics on discord!

Why you bump this,just ignore it.

Bruh, why the hell did you bump this post. This post has already been answered and it's irrelevant.

what a strange thing to say