Can we please get the weapons a little bit more balanced?

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I've had all the weapons in the game for a month now, and I've spent my Wilds time alternating through every one of them and trying to convince myself that every one is viable, and I've failed. It is really disappointing having to use sword and claws in order to be at the top of my game, especially because I love the utility and concept of the spear, hammer, and axe. 

While I do think the bow and staff aren't as bad of a case, they still dramatically under compare to the sword and claws. While you can make ranged weapons work if you try super hard and work like an absolute dog for your survival, that's just the problem: Playing with sword and claws is so much easier and doesn't require nearly as much skill to use effectively. It makes me angry every time I totally BS the enemy with my sword/claws special without trying; while I would have to otherwise work my ass off to land consecutive arrow shots or wand projectiles.

But the story isn't the same for the axe, hammer, and spear. The axe special is the lowest reward special in the game and is harder to land then sword or claws special. The hammer special is the hardest melee special to land successfully in the game, with an absolutely tiny sweetspot. A perfect hit with the hammer special still only does as much damage as a sword or claws special, which are just as fast and have a crazy large hitbox. The spear's vault special is rarely used in combat, and since nobody plays the objective anymore, it's pretty useless. That, combined with the lower damage of the spear, make it an inferior weapon. Sadly, the spear's extra range offers little help in the Wilds rock/paper/scissors-like combat model; and the sword and claws both have specials that allow them to strike at range quickly as well, thus effectively destroying any advantage the spear might have had.

I understand that the whole reason people would use claws is for the crazy special attack, I think it still isn't healthy for the game to have an attack that does that much damage that quickly and easily.

I'm not going to propose any changes, I'm just making a request. I want the other weapons to work, and I'm not the only one. I've asked around Fort, and I've found plenty of people who want to use inferior weapons like hammer and spear, but are scared away by the handicap that using these weapons is.

Weapon diversity has proven time and time again to be much more healthy to a game than a linear progression model. Please consider this request to balance the weapons at least a little bit.

How about making axe special do more damage, have spear's special be a giant charge that does 2 damage like sword, increasing spear's damage to 1.5, and making the hammer special's hitbox a bit bigger?


I agree with spear buff, this weapon at this moment is not very strong, but for me axe and hammer works good. Axe special attack is very good in right hands and i can show it. Maybe have small dmg, but when you release it in good moment, enemy can't avoid dmg.  

Also normal attack is very good balanced. Have good dmg and speed.

Hammer also is not bad, and this weapon Real power have in normal attacks. When you stun your enemy you can deal 6 dmg in a row (2x normal and roll or shield dash) what is biggest possible dmg in one combo without items. 

Claws is not that dangerous because small basic dmg and short attack range  can make fighting harder than with other melee weapons. For this weapon most people use tactic "special - run - special". 

Well in my opinion spear really need buff but other weapons works not bad for me. 

i absolutely agree with you. but ranged weapons could have a little buff. so all the ranged weapons and the spear need buffing. what do you think about he ranged weapons?

When most weapons need buff, that mean they are balanced :D I think bow works good, because some players still can fight very well with this weapon. But wand special can have faster special attack speed.


The clash mechanic shouldn't apply to spear since you can thrusting, not swinging. So yeah, a buff to spear should be in line.


   Hammer's pick rates have gone down due to the clash mechanic preventing you from spamming the normal attack. I think that the hammer is good enough.

   Claws are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING because of quick special attack. However, I do not rely on the claw's special like what Egg said, considering that I am a official Claws Main. One aspect I adore about the claws is that it uses less stamina or at least in my experience. Claws do not need a nerf because the base damage is TRASH.

   Axe is a weapon I despise. It's special is so annoying (ever since the update where you could be staggered by the axe's special even when blocking) that I tend to jump a lot. I think that the axe is in the right place.

   Ranged weapons are not my favorite. I do admit though that it is a relief that not many play with the ranged weapons. I think that they do not need another buff.

The spear base damage is the same as the claws base damage, and it doesn't have the benefit of that crazy special.

Also, the charged up damage of the spear should be a powerful forward thrust and should deal more damage.


I do agree that the claw's special is unhealthy to the game, but really, that is one of the only useful moves the claws have

also, i disagree about the axe special comment. I think the axe special is a bit overpowered, seeing as how i



great for pinning opponents


Claw special needs a nerf, it's just way too wide and fast and damaging and painful and annoying and easily spammed and do I need to continue? Also, I feel like the sword special is a little op as well. The time window should be shorter and it should only do one 360 degree spin instead of multiple.

Dude. it's the only good move the claws have!

That would probably ruin the claws AND its price. It would become a shorter spear.

I still can't choose which weapon is favourite for me :(

Maybe because you not playing anymore? Or maybe you have small secret about which others don't know? ( ͡⌐■ ͜ʖ ͡-■)

Uh-Oh.. Original PERRA should know something xD

my favorite weapon is most likely the staff.



I agree a spear buff is in order.

To everyone who says axe special is good:

It may be, but in my combat experience, I find I rarely have problems avoiding the axe special, and when I do get hit, it's only one damage. I can shrug it off.


I think that the axe special definetly needs a buff since it does 1 damage and... well that's it. A buff would be nice, maybe a speed, damage, or distance buff.

Ehmm, what if players used this to run away from you?

*cough* Alan *cough*.

I think he meant speed buff for the projectile, not for the user.

Ehmm, how about in-game? He isn't a Axe-main for nothing.

The weapons are kinda balanced but because pf the tactic most people use against archers and staff (shield+kick) they are way weaker. About spear, it doesnt have an attacking special attack and it has only 1 dmg(am i correct?).

1.5 dmg. It has fast attack rate, slower than claws but faster than sword, or they had this attack rate. I don't know :P