Weapon Disarming

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Disarming in wilds.io is kicking (right click) while your opponent is attacking you. If the kick touches you opponent's weapon while he/she is attacking, the weapon will come out of the opponents hand. It will not come back for a few seconds. This is a useful strategy but disarming does not make sense with some weapons.

What you SHOULD be able to disarm: A sword, axe, and an ice mage staff.

What you SHOULD'NT be able to disarm: A hammer (it is way to big, powerful, and way to heavy.)

and the spear (it has a thrusting movement, so kicking it the way you do in wilds would just have your whole FOOT impaled.)

I am not sure about the bow and claws, the claws are very small and are worn like gloves, so maybe a kick disarm wouldn't make sense. A bow's structure also makes it hard for disarming with a simple kick. But i do know that kicking doesn't make sense for disarming ALL weapons.

Should we remove kicking for some weapons?


Add Claws to what you shouldn't be able to disarm, because they're CLAWS. You've strapped them to your hands and the only way to get them off would be to painfully pull them off whilst still holding your weapon somehow, Like really.. it doesn't work.

Not only is it hard to pull them off while holding a weapon, it is even harder to do it with ONE kick.


You  all are thinking too much about it. Its not the logic that matters. Weapons deserve to be disarmed no matter what they are. Oh and screw all archers. Hope they get removed from the game, anyone who ever used a bow gets a spanking

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please dont remove me >_< 

btw what means spanking :D

Spanking means to slap your ass as a punishment. Use wordreference if you don't know a word. Very helpful ;)

thx, i whil use word reference next time :D 

and uu i hope i dont get the spanking ::)'

fight  me on the archer thing. Other than that I agree with disguised

I'm not saying that weapons shouldn't be disarmed no matter what, i'm just saying that a simple kick wouldn't make sense for such a task. Maybe for some weapons, but not all.

Bow is wooden weapon, so axe and sword would destroy it (disarm) when clashing. Also wand is wooden too. This would make a sense.


No weapon attacking to disarm a weapon wouldnt be good

make it so that when you try and disarm a hammer you stub your toe and walk slowly for 5 seconds