2 towers surrounding the fort

issa04 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 11

The towers can be owned by the team that owns the fort.T he towers are two and attack the enemies that begin to attack the fort to own it.

The team can increase the damage of their arrows by placing wood in their store (obviously only the players who own the fort can put the wood).

Every time you put 5 woods in their store the damage increase a little.

If you do not put at least 5 wood every 1 minute or little more, the towers will be disabled and will work for the other team.

The damage to the towers, if it does not improve, takes very few hp to the enemies.

I hope u like the idea, issa04

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Well ... just good idea xD

If this idea will complete you can add missions to the daily quest, for example: Put 10 woods in the tower's warehouse in 5 minutes

Towers attack automatically or player must be in tower and aiming? 


I do like this idea, but i was thinking of empty towers that could be occupied by archers/mages that go there.

I also thought of this idea ... but you have to see Rezoner what he thinks. The problem is when the target player begins to attack a single player (in spite) and the other player will not be able to move .... in my opinion it will happen. It could be a lot of fun =P  However i think that the topic have to have more upvotes if we want Rezoner to take this idea into account

perhaps you should put wood in it and it shoots hot embers. however the wood should serve as ammunition not an upgrade on the damage. that would make far more sense.

Pls Rezoner add this idea!!