how to implement the monsters on the map

Brai 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 9

i will like the comeback of the yeti, its really easy to kill but not in a high number or even with people trying to kill you while your are killing it, so i think they should appear on the corners and go towards the fort, if a player its too far to chace it, then he will be back on track to the fort, that can be really fun,and the goblins should appear here :

Image 1379

then from here start to run around like every time, i dont know if they can get stuck on this walls also but this makes sense to me,

if a new monster appears in a new update then i will be more than happy to kill it along with the other 2 and poeple

any other ideas? flaws? thank you in advance


I like yetis and i think this monsters should be added in new mode with forts or survival mode ;]

if you are gonna make a survival mode make it like pokemon on a cave, limited vision until you get the fire up. more goblins attacking from 5 to 10 your camp fire.. the wood is for only the fire and you need to go get help and bewere of the normal yetis and new monsters...


A horde of yetis ATTACK THE FORT!!!! AWESOME!!!!! (with goblins working with yetis)

If goblins teamwork with yeti, sandworm should be their enemy. That's because sandworm is eating goblins for breakfast and a lunch. People is just dessert.


Lol it would be cool to have to defend the fort of the yetis they could break the doors and some people would be archers, spearmen and woodcutters


Fort survival, a endless horde of yetis vs. 4 people alone in a fort.

That would be an awesome game mode. Goblins wouldn't be able to break the fort and would just pile up at the gate.

you mentioned new monsters. how about these:

wolf: 5 health, 30%faster than goblin, kick stuns them but they bounce off a block and come in for another run, if you hit them with weapons on there charge attack they go into a rage and do 3 fast attacks block able with shield. they deal 1 damage and drop stamina potions and health orbs when killed. they also release 3 bones. make them spawn in packs of 2-3 but join together with others over time.

trolls: instead of the yetis add trolls. they are the same but are green and more troll like. make groups of goblins crowd around them like minions. the goblin would act normally when players came near but then return to the troll when players are further away. they could spawn at the corners of the map and slowly travel toward's the castle.

to be honest this post only has one new animal but changes to a current one &:

wolf are for friendship .3

and tolls? well we had the new one that looks kind of like a ciclops...  but a troll that can summon goblins by 5 its cool! :D