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Hello everyone, today I would like to discuss titles. Titles are names like "King Killer" "Weapon Master" "Coin Collector etc. I think this would be a good idea because this goes with the second section of this idea. That is achievements. Bones are already sort of like achievements, but I think there should be achievements for much more than just bones. There could be achievements for earning all weapons/helmets/shields or killing a certain amount of people. I just think it's a cool little addition and would give new players something to strive for. Tell me what you think!


if you mean like having 20 perfect kills with no damage kind of thing.. then yes, also if you can have some kind of reward for more things then even more great! :D


achieveiment unlocked!: Smooth killer

Also one thing I forgot to add, you can make a profile or a "achievement board" to show off your achievements because the area above the head is already a bit crowded.

Possibly a future addition of some sorts. Sure this would be a cool feature to incorporate into the game.

Cool proposal, though I do have a question. Are you suggesting that these titles can be equipped/displayed? Or are they just cool collectible bonuses only visible to the player themselves?

Read the comment I left after post

Oh, didn't see that. My bad.

Heh someone readed my comment :3 Achievements probably will be added to the game. I don't know exactly when, but i'm in 90% sure they will be added.


i would like it if this was added. but how about making the achievements give you ability's. such as:

slayer: kill 150 players before dying - hold charge attack for up to 3 seconds

assassin: kill 10 players in one hit before dying - mirage into the sand for 3 seconds becoming invisible (f)

god: take no damage before killing 20 players - if you get this achievement you are invincible in game and 

when you run out of health you fall on the ground and stand back up in 10 seconds with full hp. you only loose half your bones. it still counts as dying though.

rage: kill 5 players in 10 seconds (not including clones) - you become invulnerable for 3 seconds and your attacks make a full ark (shift, roll)

thief: collect 100 coins from killed players before dying - press Z to make and attack blocked by block or kick only. on a hit the target looses 1/3 of the coins it earn't and dosnt get them back. the theif keeps the money but the attack deals no damage.

these are just some possibilitys

Under review

Doesn't we need player profiles first? I mean I think we love to show our ranks and achievements so others get jealous and so on. Let me know if I am wrong and it's enough if achies are your private thing.

It depends of each player. But i think most players like expose their achievement for the rest players.

 But for player profiles new place for keep them is needed, or maybe i'm wrong?


I suggested player profiles in my postscript comment lel

player profiles are important

My post already got buried rip

As always, lmao xD 

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