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My tag disappeared (i think its called a tribe or a clan)

Zenk 2 years ago • updated by Bigness 2 years ago 12

So when i registered 5 days ago into wilds.io, i saw a yellow link so i joined it ( i think its called a clan or a tribe ). I played some wilds.io (16/05/17) for fun but after i joined i didn't see my tribe name (clan) can you fix this or is it a bug? I don't know what happened but if you can fix it that would be great.

you mean your tribe didn't show up?

The owner may have removed you, or the wilds system has reload something like this ...
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Most probably you have joined a clan that has some restrictions like "Asia only" and you have been kicked :)

the owner was from argentina

Aren't you sure you didn't met with him earlier and make he doesn't want to see you?

i mean that when i went to play wilds.io the tag didn't show up

QUIT AND join again.

oooh.. well this is .. weird... i think it was.. me...

ya i think its you

well i kick inactive players when i need to bring more poeple in the tribe.. idk why i have a gap that i cant get more tribe members until i have bones so... that´s why

Lol, it's funny how we thought it was a bug.  Are you going to reinvite?