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Going in the fort by bug

Zenk 3 years ago updated by Zeis Lion 3 years ago 12

There was a bug in the fort, someone told me about it, he showed it to me and i was wondering to post it here, i drew a picture of a bug in computer sorry if it is scruffy its the best i can do.

im first xD lol he used paint

yeah, i did

with paint, that actually looks alright to me

Under review

I think I am gonna switch to that art style :D


dayyum, masterpiece :D

can i just post the videos of the bugs? cause you can do it from all the places.

I saw one guy constantly jumping inside the fort from that place:

Please fix this ASAP

This is still a problem. Please, do something ;_;


There's a lot of ways to go in the fort . One by through the gate , and Two , Using the dayum glitches   XD

There are a lot of glitches , not just near the fort but almost every corners of cliffs

Please do not fix this XD , glitching means parkour and requires practice and skill to master , hahahahah

guys! don't tell Rez about the good glitches XD